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What's this all about then?

What's this all about then?

Why does Bristol need a print museum?

Did you know that Bristol was the first city outside of London to legally be allowed a printing press? Behind the tobacco industry, it was our city's second largest employer. The first skyscraper in Bristol was built as a print headquarters, and we also invented and pioneered printing onto bags for advertising.

There is a massive history of print in this city, which we believe should be recognised and celebrated. But equally, we're a hub for printmaking in the UK; home of the CFPR one of the leading research centres for print, and proud home to printmakers of all kinds from letterpress to litho and everything in between.

It's time we had a space to get together and celebrate our city's history, enjoy our print present, and encourage a future for print - the place where art and industry meet.

Bristol print musem project

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Our Mission:

To find out what the people of Bristol want and need from a new type of museum.


We want to hear from you - fill in our online questionnaire and help shape the future of Bristol!

Online Questionnaire
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Our vision

To create a sustainable hub for print education in Bristol that facilitates the education of the impact print has had on our past, present, and future.


Let us know the memories, stories or experiences you've had with printmaking or the print indusry.

If you're a school or community group looking for talks or workshops, or an artist with a project idea, we'd love to hear from you!